Skyloft's one true hero needs your questions. He knows you are burning with curiosity. Such as, what hair products does he use? Loftwing riding tips? How to get the girl? All responses are drawn or animated for fun!

Artist for dat-pompadour is jakface!

Q: Can I edit your artwork and make gifs of them or repost them without credit?
A: NO, SO STOP DOING IT! Or else I'll send Strich to stare at you in your sleep.

Please do not send fan mail questions! Thank you!

Legitimate bros with skyward-pompadour & Ask Cpt. Linebeck &
Ask Mr. Dragmire&
Senor Vaati Says&
Ask The Kikwis!

17th June 2014

Photoset with 1,001 notes

"How could they not?! One of Skyloft and Grooseland’s greatest fighters, there is no way I’m not included. I’ve sharpened my pompadour and worked extra hard on these pipes so that I’m in top form to take on them baddies… plus I worked extra hard on my costume!!" 

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